It’s gridlock.

300 people per hour in each direction at 150 metres an hour.

It’s gridlock. Without TSB.

30,000 people per hour in each direction at 150 kilometres an hour.

Safe. Unique.

But also uniquely safe.

TSB stands for flexible and reliable passenger transport with the utmost punctuality. Redundant systems guarantee maximum safety and availability. Even if a magnetic unit fails, the TSB simply continues on.

Barely audible.

But there.

The TSB glides along its route elegantly with barely a sound. Inconspicuous. And remarkable as a result.

Pleasingly elemental.

With pioneering technology.

The TSB doesn’t produce any vibrations. And thus represents the maximum in passenger comfort. At the same time, the innovative technology ensures optimum drive efficiency and low energy consumption. Its construction also means that the TSB is kind to the environment.

A cut above.

Yet grounded.

Whether it’s elevated, level ground or through a tunnel: the Transport System Bögl finds its way. Always.

Moving megacities.

TSB – Transport System Bögl.

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