Moving megacities with the TSB

Max Bögl Group awarded contract for new maglev local passenger transport system in China

The global trend towards urbanization and the challenges that arise from it were recognised many years ago at Max Bögl. In order to offer a pioneering solution to meet the growing need for inner-city mobility, the TSB – Transport System Bögl was developed ready for production as a new local transport system. To ensure the successful introduction of the technology on the national and international market, a long-term sales partnership is now being agreed with a Chinese partner firm.

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The Max Bögl Group has signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese firm Chengdu Xinzhu Road & Bridge Machinery Co. Ltd. This provides for the construction of a trial stretch of more than 3.5 kilometres in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, to allow the maglev system to gain a foothold in China. In addition, Xinzhu is also exclusively responsible for the marketing and production of the system in China, with the aim of creating numerous lines in the country.

“We are delighted that this collaboration enables us to enter the Chinese market”, said CEO Stefan Bögl as the contract was signed. “With our new technology, we have a very attractive, environmentally friendly and – most importantly – cost-effective offering for the rising rates of mobility in big cities.”

Innovative complete system for environmentally friendly local transport
Over the last few years, Max Bögl has developed the TSB – Transport System Bögl in-house using maglev technology to a point where it’s ready for production. At the headquarters in Sengenthal, the company is already operating a test line. For more than 15 years, Max Bögl has been developing and supplying technically advanced transport systems for high-speed trains and maglev rail lines. Its rail support system FFB – Feste Fahrbahn Bögl (the “Bögl fixed rail line”) carries trains travelling at up to 380 km/h along 10,000 kilometres of lines running across China and Europe.

Successful test phase in Sengenthal
Based on these experiences, Max Bögl has developed an entirely new maglev system of its own, consisting of rail line, trains and vehicle guidance technology. It is designed for local passenger transport with lines of up to around 30 kilometres and speeds of 150 km/h. Since 2012 Max Bögl has been testing the new system on the 820-metre-long test line the company has created at its headquarters in Sengenthal. After covering more than 65,000 kilometres and more than 100,000 journeys in trials, the system is now in the midst of approval procedures in Germany.

Vertrag China

The CEOs Zhi Ming Huang (Xinzhu) and Stefan Bögl (Max Bögl Group) sign the cooperation agreement.