Interesting articles of the Max Bögl Group, from customer or employee magazines.

Max Bögl Group receives order for new maglev local public transport system from China


Max Bögl recognized the global trend towards urbanization with all the resulting challenges years ago.


Modular system for greater efficiency and flexibility


Max Bögl has taken tower production for wind turbines to new heights with the Hybrid Tower mb 2.0, a further enhancement to our system. This new tower concept has achieved fresh cost optimisation levels. Designed for hub heights up to 200 metres, it allows greater flexibility for developing new tower types thanks to its modular structure.


VW opens IT:City in Wolfsburg


As a driver of innovation and quality, Volkswagen relies on digitisation. The vehicle manufacturer is now erecting a modern office campus in Wolfsburg for the IT experts.


Complex construction above and below water


For almost 18 years, Max Bögl has been active with an operational base in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Together with local partners, we are implementing a wide range of challenging large projects in infrastructure and building construction. In addition to tunnels and underground car parks, the building shells of the three underground stations and the Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam, the new construction of the IJssel bridge, in Hanzeboog near Zwolle and the erection of the Stadsbrug Nijmegen over the Waal river rank among the outstanding construction measures. Max Bögl Nederland received the German-Dutch Business Award and the Dutch Steel Structure Prize twice for the construction of the two bridges.


New mixing machine makes asphalt greener


It is over 40 metres high, uses leading recycling technology and forms the backbone of numerous roadwork sites in the Nuremberg region: the new asphalt mixing machine with hot gas generator at the headquarters in Sengenthal. With the investment in green as well as efficient cutting edge technology, Max Bögl is setting new standards as regards innovation, sustainability and environmental protection.


Trade fair hall 12: The new jewel of Frankfurt


With the new construction of hall 12, the Frankfurt trade fair sets new standards with regards to aesthetics, functionality, economy and sustainability. After opening for Automechanika in September 2018, it will not only form the corner stone of the development of the west area. With its impressive jagged façade made from glass and aluminium, the new hall also completes the concentricity of Via Mobile, through whose roofed transport and pedestrian system the modern exhibition building is connected to the other exhibition halls.


First use of the FF Bögl in Israel


The journey on the historic train route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which dates back to the Ottoman period, will now only take one and a half hours. The aim is to use modern high-tech trains on Israel's first high-speed railway line to shorten the travel time between the two largest cities to a third of the time from mid-2018.


Mobile factory for international markets


Max Bögl is aiming for a strong presence on the global market with its mobile factory concept.

To meet the challenges posed by the need for great hub heights outside Europe, the group of companies offers its single-source hybrid tower system, including mobile production, first used to build a wind farm in Thailand.


Virtual laying of the foundation stone for Campus Erlangen


Nearly two years after the architecture competition, construction work started at the start of December 2016 for the first module of the Siemens Campus Erlangen. A new district with office buildings, a hotel and catering and service companies is to be created in the south of the university city by 2030.


Ready to awaken the "energy future"


It has been just less than a year now since the construction site for the natural power storage in Gaildorf was officially put into operation with the laying of the foundation stone. Around 35 skilled workers from the Max Bögl Group have worked on site since the foundations were laid in April 2016 in order to implement this pilot project as an important part of the energy revolution.


Finaler Durchschlag am Albabstiegstunnel

The new ICE line has arrived in Ulm


A final rumbling could be heard under the Michelsberg in November 2016 as the two milling excavators bit through the last piece of rock. Fountains of dust swirled upward, and then it was all done. A seven-minute laser show finally pronounced the light at the end of the tunnel, to the applause of around 450 guests from politics and business. The "Albabstieg" tunnel is officially broken through.


Fundamental neues Konzept der Heiz- und Klimatechnik

Patent for natural heat storage


The construction site for the natural power storage in Gaildorf was officially put into operation in mid-April 2016. From this pilot project, the idea for another innovation grew in Max Bögl and Alexander Schechner from Naturspeicher GmbH: the natural heat storage. A floating heat exchanger connected to an ice storage and which uses energy from water and ice. The patent was granted in September last year.


Neues Wahrzeichen von Nuttlar

Delicate steel bridge construction at a record altitude


There aren’t currently any vehicles driving around at a height of 115 m above the "Schlebornbach" in the "Hochsauerlandkreis" district. But now there is the Nuttlar valley bridge, the highest bridge structure in North Rhine-Westphalia, with its impressive elegance. Nestling gracefully into the landscape, the bridge is an impressive masterpiece of engineering, forming part of the new 5.6 km stretch added to Autobahn 46. The more beautiful a bridge, the more complicated its construction usually is.


Road clear again at last


The offices in the on-site portable buildings are almost empty and the last section of asphalt is being re-laid at the Holledau service area. After just over six months, permanent activity is now clearly drawing to a close on the construction site between the Neufahrn intersection and the Holledau three-way junction. Traffic is freely flowing again and the hard shoulders can now also be used as a fourth lane during the rush hour. The risk of traffic congestion is thus greatly reduced on this much-used section. It is a relief for both motorists and project manager Günter Graf, who manages the construction site and can now look back on many arduous, but successful weeks.


Main frames for North Sea wind farm

Whether developing, planning, building or operating wind turbines, the Max Bögl Group is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance hybrid wind turbines with its Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System. In addition to producing tower interior fittings and pre-stressed concrete and steel segments, Max Bögl is now extending its own wind power service portfolio with main frame manufacture for wind turbines for the first time.


Naturstromspeicher Gaildorf


It is relatively easy to obtain energy, but finding a flexible approach to storage is much more difficult. Naturstromspeicher Gaildorf, a joint natural energy storage plant project between Max Bögl Wind AG and project initiator Alexander Schechner, can do both – generate and store electricity.


U-Bahn line adds extension


The extension to U-Bahn Line 4 on the Hamburg underground will see its current HafenCity Universität terminus linked to the future Elbbrücken district in the eastern part of HafenCity, thus improving connections to the Hamburg transport network. The new section of the U4 will be built in a tunnel once the reversing and stabling sidings currently under construction are complete. The U-Bahn will emerge from below ground to travel through an over-ground trough structure to the new Elbbrücken station.


Longest immersed tunnel in the world


Late May 2016 saw the conclusion of the initial contracts between the Danish government and an international consortium, signalling the start for Europe's largest infrastructure project. An undersea tunnel 18 kilometres long is to be built between the German island of Fehmarn and the Danish island of Lolland, reducing the journey between the German and Danish coasts to just ten minutes by road and seven minutes by rail.



Since the new "NeuerMarkt" district opened in autumn 2015, the Bavarian city of Neumarkt has boasted a unique shopping, eatery and leisure space spread over 23,000 square metres.


Wind energy is a complex undertaking: Max Bögl is aiming for a strong presence on the global market with its system modification 160+ and mobile factory concept.


The Max Bögl Group is making a significant contribution to energy transition with its Hybrid Tower System Max Bögl. Thanks to state-of-the-art production and assembly processes, more than 1,100 hybrid towers have been produced since they were successfully introduced in 2010.


Wind turbines stand still without engineers and technicians


Our Max Bögl hybrid tower system is made of more than just concrete and steel, but is rather much more than the sum of its parts – strictly speaking, it's an electrical power plant. In order to master this complex field of activity reliably, the Eletrotechnik Wind division was established in 2012 under the leadership of Josef Bayer. Four years later, the team of experienced engineers and technicians today involves around 15 employees. Their tasks include planning and work preparation, production, operational management, special projects and project development. Here, we would like to introduce the experts in the individual fields.


planning mistakes and reducing calculation risks


Forward-looking planning and sustainable building – targets that Max Bögl supports by means of implementing "Building Information Modelling", BIM for short. The department made it one of its tasks from the very beginning to support the project teams in applying BIM. BIM has been developed and applied at Max Bögl for over a decade now. Thanks to the decade of experience, many applications are already well established. Headed-up by Alexander Kropp, a team of seven experienced BIM experts supports technical departments over the course of applying BIM processes from acquisition through to execution. The goal for 2016 is to support the individual departments within the company group to the extent that the BIM methods become routine – in particular the work preparation, deadline controlling and quality assurance.