Every business partner, employee or external third party who wishes to contact the company about possible violations, indications or suspected cases of violations of the law or violations of Max Bögl's values management will find a trustworthy contact person in the Ombudsman (Swedish for mediator). All information will be treated confidentially and the whistleblower will remain strictly anonymous. The ombudsmen are subject to legal confidentiality. It goes without saying that the company does not have to fear any sanctions against the whistleblower through the provision of information.

This external, neutral option is available in addition to the responsible managers and the central value management officer. The ombudsman represents the interests of Max Bögl. The appointment of the ombudsman is intended in particular to address business partners, employees and managers who are uncertain before and during the submission of information or who see a need for a more personal and confidential discussion. By hiring an external lawyer, confidence in the promised anonymity is strengthened.

Supplementary legal statement on the position of the ombudsman in an anonymous whistleblower system:


Mr Matthes Egger (lawyer) or

Mr. Domenico Colosimo (Lawyer)
Mr. Andreas Kipferler (Attorney at Law)


A first telephone contact to the ombudsmen is established under the telephone number +49 911 66956485. Information can also be submitted by e-mail at mail[at]boegl-unternehmensgruppe-ombudsmann.de

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