Management and meeting culture at Max Bögl


Leadership Model

The company's goal of becoming a leading international technology and services company requires motivated, high-performance teams with new ideas and visions. It is therefore essential for us all to work together with managers guiding, shaping and managing the process while integrating and motivating employees to an optimum extent. Our new leadership model provides guidelines for our managers and an orientation framework for professional managerial conduct and indicates what each employee may expect from our managers. Meetings between managers and employees are one of the key instruments for good management.

Flat Hierarchies thanks to meeting culture at Max Bögl

Besides meetings on day-to-day business, employee appraisal interviews are also held on a yearly basis. During this interview, the supervisor takes a great deal of time to look at your personal interests, needs and concerns. They agree on performance and personal development goals with you and on measures for their implementation. Mutual trust is the basis of success for each employee appraisal interview. At Max Bögl, we attach great importance to open communication between managers and employees. We are thus also able to provide our employees with short, streamlined decision-making processes thanks to flat hierarchies.