Joining Max Bögl


Mentor System

At Max Bögl, we create the conditions necessary to ensure that you enjoy a smooth integration process into our group of companies in the weeks before you start your employment. It is highly important to us that our new co-workers are happy. Our mentor system helps a great deal in this respect. We provide you with a co-worker to guide and assist you right from the very start. They will help you to integrate into the department and working environment on a social and personal level, explain departmental processes and act as a contact person and support for any questions that you may have.

Orientation Week

Besides getting to know your new co-workers, we also offer our orientation week to ensure that you are optimally integrated into our company. This programme provides you with all relevant information about on-boarding at Max Bögl and with an overview of procedures, structures and contact persons within the company.

Three-Month Interview

The three-month interview provides particular added value during your integration into our group of companies. Co-workers from the central HR Department check whether the duties performed meet your expectations. They also take a look at your personal aspirations to ensure that your employment in our company is for the long term.

Integration Phase

The integration phase at Max Bögl is completed with the trial period interview, which your direct supervisor conducts with you. If the interview identifies a need for a task-specific or company-specific training measure or further training, co-workers in Personnel Development will arrange a suitable seminar or training together with you in our company's mbakademie.