Our corporate health measures



Maxfit refers to the Max Bögl Group's preventive health concept, which enables us to work closely together with our leading health insurance representatives, take part in campaigns and offer our own solutions for health-related matters. Every year, our employees represent the Max Bögl Group throughout Germany in different sports events, such as marathon runs and team sport activities, showing the group to be a health-conscious enterprise and honouring us with their prizes. We look forward to sharing your sporting talent. Teamwork is not limited to the working environment: our shareholders are very aware that teamwork is not only crucial for day-to-day work, but also, more important, for cooperation on a daily basis. As a result, they actively promote and sponsor team sport in our own stadiums in Ulm and Nuremberg.


Bemax refers to company integration management for people with long-term illnesses at Max Bögl. We are proud that such colleagues have formed part of our company for an average of 13 years. Our common goal is to maintain our employees' health and gradually improve the health status of those with a long-term condition in collaboration with employer and employee representations through the company's own integration team. Together, we seek to build bridges for employment which is suited to people with health problems and which keeps their symptoms to a minimum.

Work health and safety

Daily work in a demanding field of activities – from wind turbine tower installation and pre-cast concrete component production through to management of abnormal load convoys – requires concentrated, prudent procedures at all times. Our work health and safety co-workers do their utmost to ensure a working environment which minimises accidents. Max Bögl offers preventive programmes in the form of regular training events, briefings and practical exercises with the participation of external experts such as the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association and the Industrial Medicine Service.

Personal protective equipment

We give utmost priority to the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and health problems. Besides suitable workplace fittings, we also provide each employee with specific protective measures according to their needs in addition to basic protection equipment. Such specific measures range from form-fitted hearing protection to prescription safety glasses.