Our joint advanced and further training



We offer our employees the opportunity to undertake further training within a programme of different advanced training measures.


We use professional external trainers for seminars. With their assistance, we offer up to 40 different topics every year, which we select based on our employees' wishes.

In-house training

We arrange custom-fit training events for individual, in-house needs in cooperation with the different departments and divisions.

External seminars

As you would expect, we also offer our employees the opportunity to attend external seminars to ensure and broaden the scope of advanced and further training for all our highly qualified employees.


E-learning is becoming an increasingly more important alternative to conventional classroom-based training. Our employees' learning processes are assisted and optimised with the help of digital media. This approach allows us to offer our employees the greatest possible flexibility from a time and location perspective to guarantee your further training.

Career planning

Our career planning also forms a further basis for in-company further development. Specialist, line management and project management career planning aims to pinpoint employee potential and further promote such potential based on individual development plans for sustained company development. Planning incorporates measures such as manager selection and development, talent pools, trainee, successor and key positions, and other development programmes.

Trainee programmes

Our twelve-month programme for university graduates gives trainees a comprehensive overview, allowing them to benefit from a smooth transition from studies to a career. They receive invaluable insight into key areas of the company and become familiar with structures, processes and products and, consequently, the Max Bögl Group itself in all its aspects. Experienced mentors, the individual departmental managers and Personnel Development Department employees are available to assist and guide trainees throughout the programme.