The word "partnering" holds a central position in the corporate philosophy and strategy of the Max Bögl group of companies. While the group strives wherever possible to provide a high value-added contribution through utilisation of its own qualified employees, the challenge of realising holistic, innovative solutions of the highest possible standard can only be met through collaboration with partners.

It is not through conflict, as is still widely prevalent in the construction industry today, but rather through cooperation between the participants in the construction process that entirely new possibilities can be opened up.

Networks and alliances, in which all areas and facets of economic and especially building-economic life are reproduced, need to work together to create an environment that allows all parties involved in construction to be successful and thereby make a living from it. This includes not only the construction companies but also architects, planners, banks, builder-owners and public clients.

An honest and fair treatment of all participants recognises clear goals and synergies and enables them to be realised.

It is in this spirit that the Max Bögl group of companies, in its partnership based relationships, strives to develop solutions that ensure that all participants in the construction process take part as equals and that a meaningful, economic and tenable overall solution is obtained.