25 years' rail transport - Sengenthal rail siding celebrates anniversary
Trains have been running to and from Max Bögl's headquarters since 31 January 1992. As a result of sustainability and environmental protection requirements, the Sengenthal siding has become a second important transport medium alongside our own truck fleet over the years. Around 386,000 tons were transported along its tracks in 2016 alone, primarily tubbing for the Rastatt and Filder railway tunnels in Southern Germany. Other goods include steel components, railway sleepers, cements and Tchibo containers.



Changes to Executive and Supervisory Boards
After many years serving on the Supervisory Board, Dieter Klinger has resigned to be replaced by Johann Bögl, who also takes over as Chair. Stefan Bögl has been appointed Chair of the Executive Board with Michael Bögl serving as his deputy. Josef Knitl joins the Executive Board as the Director of the Wind Energy Division. Roland Zemler is leaving the Executive Board to take up the newly created position of Fully Authorised Representative and will be responsible for special tasks on behalf of the Shareholders and the group of companies in addition to Legal Issues and Compliance in the future. Michael Bögl will take over Roland Zemler's former Executive Board duties.



Mobile factory for international markets
Max Bögl is aiming for a strong presence on the global market with its mobile factory concept. To meet the challenges posed by the need for great hub heights outside Europe, the group of companies offers its single-source hybrid tower system, including mobile production, first used to build a wind farm in Thailand. A modified tower concept has been created with a mobile factory for international markets. This newly developed system for wind turbines with hub heights between 140 and 180 m enables the concrete sections to be produced directly on the project site while maintaining the high-quality standards of the renowned tower system.



Nuttlar's new landmark
Nestling gracefully into the landscape, the Nuttlar Valley Bridge is an impressive masterpiece of engineering, forming part of the new 5.6 km stretch added to Autobahn 46. The more beautiful a bridge, the more complicated its construction is. The extension to the BAB 46 between Velmede and Nuttlar is one of the most unusual road building projects in North Rhine-Westphalia, involving 30 years’ planning and licensing procedures, 880,000 cubic metres of earth excavations and 13 bridge construction projects totalling over 2.3 kilometres in length.



Cutting-edge technology at Max Bögl - New mixing system makes asphalt greener
Standing 40 metres tall, the Sengenthal headquarters' new asphalt mixing system with a hot-gas generator uses top recycling technology and forms the backbone for numerous road construction sites in the Nuremberg region. Max Bögl is setting new standards in innovation, sustainability and environmental protection with its investment in green, efficient, cutting-edge technology.



New Member of the Board for Industry
Markus Richthammer has been a new member of the Max Bögl Group Executive Board since 1 July 2017. As Executive Board Member for Industry, he is responsible for modular construction, steel and plant engineering, company development, lean management and building information modelling (BIM).



SAFETY AWARD Spezialtiefbau 2017 in Silver
The Executive Board at the Federal Department for Specialized Civil Engineering has handed its Safety Award Specialized Civil Engineering 2017 in Silver to member company Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG for its highly successful work accident prevention on construction sites. The award is presented with support and assistance from the German Construction Industry Employers' Liability Insurance Association BG BAU. The basis for the award comprised the number of accidents reported by member companies and the statistics for the year 2016, produced by the German Federal Employment Agency based on the submitted figures.



The highest towers in the world - Wind turbines in Gaildorf go online
The first major milestone in the Gaildorf pilot project has been reached with the completion of four wind turbines. Preparations for assembling the hybrid towers commenced in August 2017 once the active and passive reservoirs were complete for all turbines mid-year. The first tower crane was erected for assembly work in mid-August and the first turbine house delivered and installed in October.



maxmodul in Bayreuth - Modular residential building holds roofing ceremony
Max Bögl is using its maxmodul modular system to erect a modern residential building in Bayreuth, Southern Germany, on behalf of Vonovia SE, Germany's leading housing provider. After exactly fifteen days' assembly, the building fabric was complete, allowing the constructor, company group and residents to hold a roofing ceremony on 24 November 2017.