1000th hybrid tower and 1000th foundation system Max Bögl.
Max Bögl Wind AG celebrated two excellent achievements End of 2015: firstly the manufacture of the 1000th hybrid tower system Max Bögl and secondly the completion of the 1000th foundation for hybrid towers Max Bögl for our clients.


Signature of the contracts covering the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel!
Die Femern Link-Contractors Joint Venture haben mit der dänischen Regierung die Verträge in Kopenhagen für den Entwurf und Bau der weltweit längsten Unterwasserstraße und Eisenbahntunnel, der FehThe Femern Link Contractors joint venture has signed with the Danish government in Copenhagen for the design and build of the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel, the Fehmarnbelt link between Denmark and Germany. The joint venture has won three contracts, two contracts covering construction of the immersed tunnel and the tunnel element factory that will manufacture the precast tunnel elements and a contract covering the building of the portal structures, toll buildings, bridges and ramps. The three contracts have a combined value of €3.4 billion. The joint venture comprises VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Per Aarsleff Holding, Solétanche-Bachy International, CFE, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, Max Bögl Group, BAM Infra and BAM International. The 18 km immersed tunnel connecting Denmark’s Lolland Falster region with Germany’s Schleswig Holstein region will be the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel.


The winners of this year's Trimble model competition have been announced for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Awards for the use of building information modelling software (BIM) went to the GoEasy Leisure Centre in Siggenthal, Switzerland (Methabau), Multi-Storey Car Park II in Sengenthal, Germany (Max Bögl Group) and the new building for Getzner Textil Weberei in Gera, Germany (Bau-Consult Hermsdorf). We managed to win second place with the project "New multi-storey car park building with 827 parking spaces in Sengenthal". In addition to Tekla Structures, our company also used the Trimble Field Link software for the first time in conjunction with Totalstation Trimble RTS773. This system allows users to mark out target points from the BIM software on the construction site while also checking the actual recorded position of points in Tekla Structures to identify any possible deviations. Overall, 936 finished parts, 1,200 tons of site-mixed concrete for foundations and 15 tons of steelwork for roofing and gable columns were installed for the project. Thanks to BIM-based planning, the last finished parts were put into place two weeks before the scheduled completion date. The entire structure took just two months to complete.


Safety Award Specialized Civil Engineering 2016 in Bronze
The Executive Board at the Federal Department for Specialized Civil Engineering has handed its Safety Award Specialized Civil Engineering 2016 in Bronze to member company Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG for its highly successful work accident prevention on construction sites. The award is presented with support and assistance from the German Construction Industry Employers' Liability Insurance Association BG BAU. The basis for the award comprised the number of accidents reported by member companies and the statistics for the year 2015, produced by the German Federal Employment Agency based on the submitted figures.


"NeuerMarkt" district celebrates first year – cutting the birthday cake
A year has now gone by since the "NeuerMarkt" district opened its doors on 17 September 2015. There have been many inaugurations and events in "NeuerMarkt" since then. The city’s historic centre and the "NeuerMarkt" district have been interconnected by a passageway since July 2016 while visitor number 2.5 million was greeted back in August. The first cut of the cake signalled the official start of the anniversary week, which is brimming with activities and special offers at retail outlets.


German freeway (BAB) 9 Holledau–Allershausen - Bavaria's largest motorway works completed
With works completed on schedule in October 2016, traffic now flows freely again between the Neufahrn intersection and the Holledau three-way junction on Germany's BAB 9 motorway. Temporary opening of the hard shoulder in peak periods means there is a maximum of four traffic lanes in each direction at times.
Max Bögl received the contract to improve the hard shoulder in two construction stages from the South Bavaria Motorway Directorate. Expanding this stopping lane involved refurbishing several bridges and underpasses, relocating acceleration and deceleration lanes, upgrading the existing drainage systems, recreating numerous emergency lay-bys and re-laying the entire road surface. The left half of the road was rebuilt between April and late July and the right half between early July and October..


Seal of Approval "Innovative through Research"
The Stifterverband for the german science honors the research activities of the Max Bögl group of companies with the "Innovative through Research" label.


Highest honor for Max Boegl and Sweden’s Sundsvall bridge
Every two years, the European Convention for Steel Construction (EKS) awards the European Steel Bridge Award for outstanding and creative steel solutions in architecture and construction. Following the award of the engineer prize of the German steel construction in 2015, Sweden’s Sundsvall bridge again managed to receive a high commendation.