Production of wind power towers in Osterrönfeld - new production plant in Schleswig-Holstein celebrates topping-out ceremony.
A second modern production plant for hybrid towers with high hub heights will start operations in summer 2014 in Osterrönfeld to support the existing prefabrication parts plant in Sengenthal. The shell construction of the new hall at the heavy load RENDSBURG Port will be inaugurated on 28 January with a topping-out ceremony.


NürnbergMesse opened the new 3A hall.
At the end of January, before the great inauguration for the 40th company anniversary in the summer, one of the most international trade fairs, the 25th Toy Fair celebrated premiere - for the first time in the new 3A hall, the latest business card of the NürnbergMesse. With completion of the new 3A hall NürnbergMesse hast more than 170,000 m² of exhibition space in halls and foyers. The Max Bögl Group was already responsible for the construction of the 4A hall and was ordered for the technically demanding structural works, steel works and special civil engineering for the 3A hall.


Tunnel construction right on the waterfront - Spaarndammer Tunnel in Amsterdam.
A further major contract in the Netherlands: in January 2014 Max Bögl Nederland B.V. received the order for the design and construction of the Spaarndammer Tunnel in Amsterdam. The contracting authority is the Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel West (Projectbureau Houthaven) and the contract is around 35 million Euros.


Opening of the new training centre.
With the establishment of a new training centre for the steel construction division the Max Bögl Group provides qualified entry into working life for ten construction mechanics per year.


Renaturation of the Emscher region.
The renaturation of Läppkes Mühlenbach is part of the so-called Emscher reconstruction. To create new habitats for flora and fauna, as well as for people, all rivers and streams of the Emscher region will once agaun be free of wastewater and re-naturalized by 2020. For years, Max Bögl has been involved in Europe's largest water infrastructure project. Principal of all these measures is Emschergenossenschaft - Germany's biggest wastewater disposer with headquarters in Essen.
All key trades of the complex infrastructure project have been executed in-house by Max Bögl specialist utilities and waste management department. Due to the perfect combination of all divisions the building project could be completed successfully. With the latest project for the separation of sewage and rainwater, the construction of the Hellbach and Breuskes Mühlenbach sewers in Recklinghausen, Max Bögl will make a further important contribution in the ecological improvement of the Emscher region in the Ruhr district.


Sponsorship award for Max Bögl.
To intensify the exchange between research and praxis, the building industry, environmental technology and machine engineering association (German: "Verband der Baubranche, Umwelt- und Maschinentechnik =VDBUM") awarded Max Bögl the VDBUM sponsorship prize for the second time. For the development of a new deflection core drilling machine, Max Bögl was awarded this in the "innovation from praxis" category.


On 7 March, spades were driven into the ground with power and anticipation. The reason for this was the official start of the "NeuerMarkt" project with the traditional ground-breaking ceremony. With applause from members and project-related city council worker and architects, the fundamental construction works started for the Max Bögl group of companies to erect the "NeuerMarkt".


ABB ArchitekturBeton Bögl.
Nowadays, new exposed concrete facades with highest quality and durability are arising due to modern technologies. They will increase the scope for creative ideas of designers and architects. The most recent example of our innovative creative process are the production of filigree and with textile fibres reinforced facade components made of high performance concrete: our "ABB - ArchitekturBeton Bögl". Long-time knowhow meets the latest production technology in the development of these thin-walled, functional exposed concrete components with a wall thickness of three centimetres.


"NeuerMarkt" construction progress.
The construction works for the "NeuerMarkt" are making progress. The first prefabricated parts have already been fitted.


Max Bögl was honoured as "Best Global Technology Partner 2013" due to its use and development of 5D PM-/ERP-Software RIB iTWO as a global technology partner company. This iTWO award is awarded by RIB Software AG together with Stanford University to companies that are not only using the iTWO BIM 5D software but also significantly contributing to its implementation and development.


App for the "NeuerMarkt" site.
Since 28th May a new premium App with holographic projection has existed for the "NeuerMarkt" site. By using the holographic function, the model of “NeuerMarkt” can be projected on a table. Panorama views reacting to movement show a 360° illustration of the completed project in its environment.


Crossing the border between architecture and art.
The spectacular steel installation entitled "vagueness" is a room in which seems to be suspended inside and outside. The rectangular structure of about 300 layered reinforced steel meshes which get compressed in different levels, was made by cooperation of the "Neues Museum" with Prof. Matthias Loebermann and the "Institut für Architektur und Städtebau (IAS)" of the University of Biberach. The accessible pavilion is 18 metres long, six metres wide and high. It consists of three rooms which can be crossed in a longitudinal direction. For the fragile colossus the architect and the students installed 40 tons of steel.


The gigawatt mark has been broken!
Max Bögl Wind AG is pleased with a very special success. Since the market launch of our Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System we succeeded in building about 400 wind energy plants by the summer of 2014. We carried out projects for almost all well-known producers throughout Germany in neighbouring countries. The installed output of these plants is more than 1,200 megawatts combined. A great success for our team and energy turnaround!


Start of production at the new Osterrönfeld plant.
To support the existing production plants at the headquarters in Sengenthal, a second modern production plant for hybrid towers with large hub heights of more than 140 metres was put into operation in Osterrönfeld. The whole shell of the new hall at the heavy load Rendsburg Port was inaugurated at the end of January with a topping-out ceremony. Now on the 16 July 2014 the official initial operation was made by Prime Minister Torsten Albig and the owner-family Bögl in the presence of numerous invited guests. The Max Bögl Group is investing about 55 million Euros at the coastal location of Rendsburg-Eckernförde in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. From there the prefabricated concrete components for the hybrid tower system Max Bögl will be mainly shipped across the Kiel Canal for the construction of wind energy plants in North Germany and Scandinavia.


Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG (formerly Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG).
Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG has changed its name. The strong brand "Max Bögl" is now the sole company name of the former "Bauunternehmung". In order to optimally prepare the company for future challenges, the strong brand "Max Bögl" is now the sole company name - without the detailed "Bauunternehmung" (construction company) designation. In the course of strengthening our central company Max Bögl, the companies Max Bögl Roh- und Baustoffe GmbH & Co. KG (raw and construction materials) and Max Bögl Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co. KG (project management) have been merged with Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG (construction company). With regard to a wider range of services, Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG is now Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG. By adopting the philosophy of a foundation, the two partners of the company Johann Bögl and Max Bögl are formally documenting their continued, serious and long-term entrepreneurial commitment. The companies of the Max Bögl Group (Max Bögl Fertigteilwerke, Max Bögl Stahl- und Anlagenbau, Max Bögl Transport und Geräte, Max Bögl Wind AG) remain unchanged.


The Max Bögl Group awarded the DB Supplier Award 2014.
In a ceremony during the international trade fair for railway technology "InnoTrans" in Berlin the company group Max Bögl was awarded with the DB Supplier Award 2014 in the "infrastructure construction works" category. For the sixth time now the Deutsche Bahn AG has awarded this prestigious prize to particularly committed and efficient suppliers.


New lifeguard heights training tower in Sengenthal.
On the "mini hybrid tower", which has a height of 18 metres, various rescue techniques can be practiced in the future. The training tower is based on the hybrid tower system of Max Bögl and is founded on the foundation cellar with four segments of the innovative wind power plant. This tower is equipped with a cat ladder system and a cantilever system, where an alighting process can be simulated with a man basket that can be lifted up, and thus rope-supported rescue techniques and fall protection systems can be practiced from different height levels. All training courses can be offered for users of personal fall protections up to level 3 (rope access technicians). In addition to this, the tower is also an exhibit for Max Bögl to show its customers the hybrid technique, which was especially developed for ourselves, as well as its interior fittings.


Traffic opening for Sundsvall Bridge in Sweden.
On the 18th of December the Sundsvall Bridge in Sweden was opened for traffic by the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.