Max Bögl takes a further step towards energy transition with the maxwind wind energy fund in the middle of 2012. Appropriate to the slogan "clean energy with roots in the region", the Max Bögl Group brings in their experience and know-how of project development, the construction and operation of wind energy plants. The people of the region have the option to be part of the energy transition, with additional earning power.


The Boulevard Berlin, one of Germany's largest inner-city shopping centres was inaugurated on the historic "Schloßstraße" in the beginning of April 2012. This important shopping mall in the Berlin Steglitz district has the highest concentration of retail in Berlin with a sales area of more than 200,000 square metres.


As a new landmark in Nijmegen a 1,825 metre long arched steel bridge connects the West and North districts over the river Waal. BAM Civiel b.v. and Max Bögl Nederland – with its civil engineering, steel construction and special foundation engineering divisions as well as transport and equipment services – received the contract for the construction of the outstanding project. In April 2012 the last steel parts of the 285 metre long and 60 metre high arched construction reached their destination in Nijmegen by ship. In May they already began the pre-assembly of the bridge arch.


The extension of the A46 between Velmede and Nuttlar will be carried out by 13 bridge constructions. In the next few years, the freeway will be completed as a new efficient connection between the economic areas of the eastern Ruhr and the upper Ruhr valley. The Nuttlar viaduct is without a doubt the technical highlight as the greatest challenge in this six km long section. With a height of 115 metres, the highest bridge of North-Rhine Westphalia is being extended and it will exceed the current record-holder, the Siegtal bridge near Siegen, by five metres after its completion in October 2013.


Infrastructure division - change of the top management.
Ludwig Kienlein has worked for the Max Bögl Group for 41 years, in his final years as a successful manager of the infrastructure division. After leaving the company for his well-earned retirement, both Johann Heß, previous manager of the civil engineering division and Hans Holzinger, from the expanded management team, have taken over the management of the infrastructure division.


Start of construction of the Scheibengipfel tunnel.
With a length of 1,920 metres the Scheibengipfel tunnel is the key structure of the future Reutlingen bypass. After preparatory measures the construction works began in the middle of June for the two-lane road tunnel. By 2017 the tunnel will cross below the ridge in front of the nearby Achalm mountain.


New construction of the 3A exhibition hall in Nürnberg.
Glass façades flooded with light, wave-shaped ceiling segments and dynamic structural shells: with the new construction of the 3A hall, the Nürnberg Messe will not only extend their exhibition area but also set a visual exclamation mark on the Franconian metropolis. The Max Bögl Group received the contract for the carcass, steel and special below-grade work of the 105 x 85 m large exhibition hall with an exhibition area of 9,000 square metres.


Bavaria's largest citizens’ wind farm in the Altmühl valley.
With more than 42 million Euros, the Max Bögl Wind AG, as co-investor, is erecting six powerful onshore power plants on the plateau at the edge of the Altmühltal nature reserve, between Nürnberg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt. With this the Max Bögl Group demonstrates that wind can als be used optimally in the southern regions of Germany for the generation of energy. In collaboration with Windpower GmbH, Max Bögl played a substantial role as an expert for innovative wind energy plants in the project development of this promising wind energy project.


Redevelopment of the Staatstheater München.
The Staatstheater at the Gärtnerplatz, built in 1865 and continually modified over the past centuries has undergone the most extensive redevelopment measures in its history. At the end of 2015 the well-attended Munich "cultural temple" will shine in new splendour for its 150th anniversary. The Max Bögl Group is executing, on the existing building stock, large renovation/alteration work in the auditorium and orchestra pit, as well as rehabilitation of the facades and restoration.


Opening for traffic on one of the road side after record construction time.
Since July 2012 the new development of the A2 between the Romanian capital Bucharest and the coastal town Constanta on the Black Sea has been opened for traffic. This constructional masterpiece is due to the tireless efforts of the personnel and the technology of construction companies Max Bögl and Astaldi.


470 metres long, 25 metres high. The Pfinztal Bridge, the most spectacular construction project in the municipality of Remchingen, is the key structure in the course of the six-lane extension of the A8 between Karlsbad and Pforzheim West. After completion of the first bridge superstructure in the direction of Karlsruhe, the second superstructure was moved in from the western abutment in the direction of Stuttgart. The Max Bögl Group is responsible for the construction of the 9-span bridge structure with single spans of between 42 and 60 metres.


At 250 km/h through the Katzenberg tunnel.
With a length of 9,385 metres Germany’s third longest tunnel sets new standards for safety engineering, rescue concepts and vibration protection as the largest single structure and core of the upgraded and new Karlsruhe-Basel line. In a contract for maintenance-free and positionally stable tracks for many years and therefore a permanent high availability of the line and a high traveling comfort, Deutsche Bahn AG decided to install the reliable FF Bögl system, which, in the past few years, has been used for numerous lines in Germany, Italy and China. The official inauguration is going to be on 4th December 2012.


Nijmegen arch assembly.
The assembly of the 1,400 tonne second arch could be finished soon. Therefore, all further preparations in the dry dock floating in the steel arched bridge can be continued.


Dutch steel design award for the Ijssel bridge.
The steel structure for the bridge was produced in our plant in Sengenthal, transported by ship to the building site and assembled by our steel workers. Quote from the award panel: "With steel you can produce flowing movements. The huge main spans and the small number of pillars ensure minimal interventions and a maximum view of the landscape."


Max Bögl on the way up.
The 100th hybrid tower is ready for harvesting wind power.
With the development of high wind energy towers and an effective assembly system, Max Bögl has made an important contribution to energy transition since 2010. The first wind energy plant in hybrid construction has already made its mark with its height and performance. Now, the Max Bögl Group celebrates the construction of the 100th wind energy tower at the BMW plant in Leipzig.