A bidder consortium, formed around the Max Bögl group of companies, is awarded a contract for the transfer of know-how for the construction of the first commercially utilised Transrapid track in the world, in Shanghai, China. Max Bögl is awarded two further outstanding contracts in Frankfurt and Cologne. In collaboration with the renowned architects’ office gmp competitions are won for the new construction of the Frankfurt Waldstadion and the Müngersdorf stadium in Cologne.


European Steel Design Award 2001 – CargoLifter hangar, Krausnick.
Completed in late 2000, this production and maintenance hangar stands at the centre of a 500-hectare plot of land to the south-east of Berlin. It was built for the CargoLifter, the largest planned airship of all time, designed to carry a 160-tonne payload. Stringent requirements for material quality, welding technology and tolerances ensured that this challenging construction project has become one of the reference projects for Max Bögl Group steel and plant engineering. Today, the hangar is used as an indoor holiday resort called "Tropical Islands".


Max Bögl is awarded the largest single contract in the history of the company: the construction of three underground stations in Amsterdam.


The 19-mile Shanghai Demonstration Line begins from Longyang Road Plant in the west and ends at Pudong International Airport in the east. It takes about 8 minutes for a one-way ride, running on the track at a maximum speed of 270 miles per hour - the fastest first-ever high-speed ground mass transportation system. Further companies are founded in Austria, Romania and the USA.


Production and laying of the ballastless track on the new Nürnberg-Ingolstadt ICE high-speed railway line is running at full speed. The first commercial installation of our in-house developed FF Bögl slab track system occurs on a 70 km stretch. A new company location in Cologne / NRW is founded.