2000 - 1991


Sees the takeover of a building collective with 250 employees in Gera, and its transformation into a modern precasting facility with a building enterprise.



A new company location is founded in Leipzig. In Neuburg an der Donau, an oval test track is constructed for Audi. The variable track with steep curves is built to a maximum tolerance of 2 mm using a purpose-built, computer-controlled bridge finisher. During the course of the following years, this world-wide unique finisher helps construct or restore numerous other test tracks.



A company location is founded in Berlin. A turnover of 1,000 million DM is achieved for the first time. After a short, severe illness, Max Bögl dies on September 30 at the age of 63.



The company expands to the Czech Republic with four hard-stone factories and one building enterprise in Pilsen and Prague.



The Max Bögl group of companies including all of its subsidiaries is one of the first construction companies in Bavaria to be granted a quality management certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The company expands its activities into Poland with the opening of a subsidiary in Szczecin. At the same time the company’s location in Dresden is founded.



The Max Bögl group, together with a medium-size bidder group, is awarded a contract to construct a 43 km stretch of the new Cologne-Rhine/Main ICE railway line. The group takes on the technical supervision role for the civil engineering and bridge building, as well as the tunnel construction for this project worth billions of DM. The number of employees reaches 4,000 for the first time in this year at a turnover of 1.2 billion DM. A new company location with a builders yard is opened in Potsdam.



A fundamental structural change is effected in the company on April 1. The previous enterprise is split into individual divisions and managed as independent companies within the group. In addition, one of the world's first multi-function plants for the construction of flat elements is put into operation. In the computer-controlled circulation-type production plant, all types of ceiling and wall elements needed for modern construction with precast elements can be produced. This year, the Max Bögl group of companies makes a record investment of over 80 million DM.



New company locations are opened in Stuttgart, Erfurt and Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. On Potsdamer Platz square in Berlin six buildings are constructed with individual heights of up to 110 m and 30 storeys, along with an underground regional railway station at the Daimler-Benz Areal. With the aid of a newly acquired concrete finishing machine, approx. one million square metres of concrete motorway, including all earthworks and civil engineering works, is produced in the Berlin area.



Besides many other demanding construction jobs, two particularly outstanding construction projects are completed: the CargoLifter shipyard, one of the largest free-span halls in the world, at Brand near Berlin, as well as the Lausitz EuroSpeedway test and racing track in Brandenburg. Furthermore, the Wüwa Bau GmbH company in Schwabach, a specialist in the field of underground tunnelling, and a modern precasting facility in Mühlhausen with over 100 employees, are acquired. The founding of new company locations in Frankfurt and Alphen aan den Rjin in Holland marks the expansion of activities in a westerly direction.